Getting the Right Wardrobe For Your Room

Wardrobes have been an integral part of every bedroom since time immemorial. Nowadays, with the advent of interior designing, bedroom furniture is also very important. Since everybody has different needs and specifications, it is essential to find out what suits you best and what you prefer. In the modern time, contemporary wardrobes either are modular or carpenter-crafted ones which come in common sizes.

There are many types of wardrobe available in the market today, and a wide range of variety also in terms of style and design. For bedroom furniture which includes drawers, shelving, racks, and storage bins, there are different types such as wood, metal and plastic ones. Sliding doors are quite popular especially with females. A lot of women prefer having sliding doors over the rest of the doors in their bedroom. This is because sliding doors make the room look larger than it actually is.

One of the major factors to be considered while buying a wardrobe is the amount of space you have in your bedroom, for this you should have a proper measurement of the area where you plan to install the wardrobe. The size of the wardrobe you buy should complement the size of the room and should be designed accordingly, if you have a large room then you can go for bigger and higher shelves and drawers while those with a small space will only require smaller shelves and drawers. You can either leave the doors open or just buy a single door wardrobe as it gives more space to store clothes.

Interior designers also advise that before shopping for wardrobes you should sketch the design first on paper. This allows you to get an idea of what exactly you would like your wardrobe design to look like. With the sketches in hand, you can now go to any home improvement store and get the services of a professional designer who would be able to make up your mind based upon the sketches he has made. A lot of stores now employ interior designers who would be able to customize your wardrobe designs. For instance, if you want a double wardrobe which has doors at the top two levels, then these stores would be able to give these to you.

For smaller spaces, you can go for the single wardrobe or even small closets as the sliding doors would add to its grandeur and style. For a more compact look, you can get the mirrored wardrobe that can enhance the look of your room. A single mirrored wardrobe has light shining through it and this can help to reflect the light coming through the ceiling and thereby creating the illusion of more space. You can get a wardrobe which has space for two to three drawers. But before you purchase a wardrobe you must measure the exact space where you want to place your wardrobe. Also ensure that there is enough wall space between the wall of the wardrobe and the wall of the room.

Another thing to be kept in mind is the functionality of the wardrobe. It should be able to accommodate all your clothes and shoes. If the wardrobe has no closed door then it should have one and be placed in an area where the door is not obstructed. In case of lacquered glass wardrobe, it should be placed against a wall where it can receive enough sunlight. This will help to retain the color of the fabric of the wardrobe. A sliding wardrobe is the best option for small rooms, as it can serve the dual purpose of providing space for walking and acting as a mirror.